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The 9 Wonders Of Protein

We all remember the textbook definition of proteins being, “the building blocks” of the human body. And though you may not have scored that well in your science paper with just that bit of a definition, what memorising that bit of info did was to leave you with the most valuable insight on fitness.  

Proteins are very important for the human body. They help you grow stronger. And if you are into those iron-pumping, gain-chasing games then you need to hear this out!

You could run out of your house without your wallet, your car keys and your pants, for all we know. But there remains to be something that is so vital, that your pants stand no match to it — a healthy proteinous diet.


Yup, pretty much all you’d need

There are various sources of proteins like meat, fish, curds, buttermilk, yada yada yada. Then there are various other sources where you can consume proteins like through artificial methods.  But before you dive your way into an extravagant spiral of high-end artificial proteins, here are some dapper ways to get hunky, bulky and remain rich. For if not that, what’s it you working for even?





  1. Tuna fish is supposed to be the best source of proteins.
  2. This fish also has the capability to reduce cardiovascular conditions so now you can run harder on that treadmill!
  3. It lowers the blood pressure and stimulates growth. Ahoy pirate! Your protein treasury awaits!
  4. It also helps in weight loss and boosts your immune system. So be prepared to forget how your Doc looks like.


  1. MEAT :

Sorry vegans

  1. Nothing gets better than this! What if we told ya that you could eat home cooked stuff that is tasty and healthy at the same time? You’d say we’re lying. But meat redeems our reputation.
  2. Amongst many nutrients that meat contains, some of them are selenium, zinc and iron.
  3. Vitamins are also necessary for the human body and hence it is important that one has meat in their diet.
  4. Meat has large amounts of Vitamin A, D and B. Like yeah, whatever those are, they do good to you!


  1. PANEER :

Haters will say it’s cottage cheese

  1. Paneer is also known as cottage cheese. No kidding!
  2. It is filled with many nutrients and proteins.
  3. There is a study which says that proteins are good for people who have diabetes. And even if the study “may not” be true, what’s the harm? Ever heard of protein killing ya? We’d bet our money and take our chances.


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  1. First of all dry fruits are very handy and hence it is very easy to carry
  2. One can have some when they feel like having snacks and no you won’t be arrested to peddle these around.
  3. They are easily available almost everywhere. Don’t believe us? Go look out!
  4. The second thing is they are also rich in proteins.
  5. But they are high in fat so make mindful decisions when munching on because in the mad run for proteins, you may just horde up some undesirable fats.
  1. MILK :

  1. Not everybody’s body is capable of digesting lactose that is present in the milk. So be careful when having milk while choosing it as your source of protein.
  2. The first and most widely known benefit of milk is that it has lots of calcium and that it is good for your bones and your teeth.
  3. Apart from this, it also has lots of other types of vitamins and magnesium.
  4. And important of all it is also high in proteins.


  1. SOYBEAN :

  1. The first and foremost important is that it is filled with proteins.
  2. Apart from these, it also has minerals and vitamins.
  3. It also has insoluble fibres.




  1. PEANUTS :

  1. Peanuts are filled with tons of nutrients like proteins, minerals and fibre.
  2. It is also high in fat so take care when you munch on these a bit too much.
  3. It has monosaturated and poly saturated fatty acids and also it has many antioxidants which have a plenty of health benefits and can be beneficial for the human body.




  1. Green vegetables provide you with plenty of nutrients like the ones mentioned above.
  2. They are also high in proteins and have very less amount of fats.
  3. They are easy to digest and hence is a good option for the vegetarians. So now you know why Popeye is strong, don’t ya?


  1. EGGS :

    We’re so dead, man!

  1. Last but not the least. Eggs are high in proteins, which is a commonly known fact.
  2. Apart from these facts, it is also known that eggs are high in cholesterol which some people think that it is bad for the health and hence let me clear this for you.
  3. They have cholesterol but they are good cholesterol and they are needed by the body and hence you can have the yellow part without worrying about it.


So whatever it is that you gorge on from the things mentioned above to you, what you are truly signing up for is good health after all.

Good going, kiddo!