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7 Things We Find More Attractive In A Woman Besides Her Looks

Of course, looks matter. They are the first things that attract a person. They are the first among many other things that the brain signals us and we get attracted instantly.


When it comes to physical attraction, appearances play a major role. These are one amongst the first things that catch our attention.

An amazing physique and good looks are a perfect combination when it comes to attraction. However, there are several other things that we look for, apart from her looks. And here are the 7 features that we guys like to a woman:



  • Feminine In Nature:


When a woman is feminine in nature, it is considered as one of her greatest assets. It displays the delicate nature of a woman. This is what we want in a woman. Though many people consider the display of femininity as a weak sign, that’s not true. Being feminine in nature has nothing to do with weakness. A woman stands up, makes her own decisions and is in control of her life which is an excellent expression.  



  • Being expressive:


Expressing your emotions means a lot when you are having a conversation instead of a blank face. I feel women are the best when it comes to expressing themselves. They keep the conversation alive with the witty faces they make which display various emotions in a few minutes.

An eye contact, a naughty smile, rolling your eyes are good enough to make him fall for you. It’s not difficult for me and most of the guys to identify the genuine from the fake ones. A genuine smile and an eagerness to listen to us make us more interested in you.



  • Playful nature:


Nothing is more appealing when a woman has a good heart and is happy with what she does. This trait is what distinguishes you from the rest of the crowd. When one partner has a playful nature, they tend to keep the spark alive.

Being playful and cheerful gives an impression that she is happy in life with whatever she does. Having a good sense of humour is what attracts me, especially.


  • Self-Esteem:

Self-esteem comes with self-love and that happens only when you love yourself and accept the way you are. Unless you respect yourself, no one will do so hence, it is important to make yourself your first priority and respect yourself before anyone else. Your talents are your biggest assets. Don’t put your goals and ambitions down just to impress us. A woman with an ambition is fascinating as she knows what she wants from her life.



  • Intelligent:



Intelligence is something that attracts the right kind of guys. We are naturally inclined towards women who are smart and intelligent in nature. Guys love it when they can have intelligent and meaningful conversations with a woman, especially about worldly affairs.



  • Confident:


    image courtesy: Huffpost.com


Confidence is the biggest asset a woman can carry. This is one trait that makes everyone admire women who are more confident than others. Confidence in a way reveals how much control you have over your life.

If you come across as a girl who knows in and out about herself and her surroundings which in a way reveals that she is confident, makes us want to be with that woman.



  • Fragrance:



This is a tip that is the very important. It may sound foolish but you gotta believe it. Smelling good all the time makes any person want to talk to you and be beside you all the time. This also makes a man go weak on his knees when a woman he likes, smells good.


Having a good physique naturally, tends to grab the eyeballs.


But along with that these above mentioned 7 qualities also contribute equally in the law of attraction.