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The Game of Thrones trailer decoded

The wait may have gotten a tad bit longer (read as FEELING LIKE AEONS PASSED longer) but then the old adage does hold true: Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet.

After overwintering quite a harsh period that was the absence of an epic of a show, we are finally blessed with what seems a maddening season of treachery, backstabbing, gore and all that makes up the ensemble that’s just Game Of Thrones.  

Without much ado, we Tommen-plunge into the insane world that is so dear to us.

Err… yeah. Just this way.


Before we get any further with the mind-altering revelations that would just ‘push you off the edge’…

No we really didn’t mean to. No, really, no!

… you should catch up with that trailer that has gone massively viral in the span of hours and massive is just an understatement btw.

The official Game of Thrones Season 7 trailer is out now!

YASSS!!! We know! It’s killer! All the intensity, the rage, the anger, and the familiarity that is roused by seeing the faces of the characters you missed the most. We get it, it can be overwhelming.

We also know that it is going to leave you with a lot of questions regarding a lot of things. Several hours of speculation and analysing may have been spent in anticipating what this season would bring to you, no doubt, but here are few things you did not see coming.

Pretty sure, Rickon didn’t either

Yeah, that was a mean shot. But you gotta remember, “In the game of thrones, you either win, or you die.”


First things first, the trailer starts off with Cersei addressing the enemies coming at her from every direction as she walks into an archway.

We must add, that this video is so beautifully made that it startles us every bit.

Just when Cersei mentions “Enemies to the east,” there we are shown a still of Grey Worm standing stern (his usual) and seemingly ready to rip some guts.  


Another hint out there was that Dragonstone is located to the east of King’s Landing (where Queen Cersei now rules).


But why Dragonstone? We’ll get to that in a while.

As the trailer progresses, you hear Cersei continue, “Enemies to the west,”

And this is what we are shown, as soon as she mutters those words


Pretty massive, eh? As you would notice, it has a Greyjoy sigil on the sail. So could it be the Yara and Theon sailing towards Cersei under orders of the Daenerys, or is that…

Wait a sec! No!!

What if, it is Euron’s longship, Silence? Euron, betrayed by his own people, his own family, Yara and Theon would not flinch to extend his arm of support to the Lannisters if they assure revenge.

Cersei, in her stern and malefic voice, musters the words, “Enemies from the south. That is just when you see a blade being sharpened.


This sort of looks like a spear and there remains one and only one thing that comes to mind of an ardent GoT fan when s/he sees a spear is…


… that’s right. House Martell. So that’s one hella fleet sailing towards the doom of Cersei, or their own is something we can’t wait to watch.

And then Cersei words those vile words that make us cringe. A direction she has shown the least mercy towards, a direction she loathes the most, “Enemies from the North,” and we are left with this scene where Arya is horsing towards what looks like the outskirts of Winterfell.


Are we on the edge of something we have been longing to watch from a very long time? A Stark Reunion would just leave us giving out full-throated cries, indeed. Like, look at them! Poor kids have been a lot already! Give them some respite ffs!


Oh Lord, please make this happen! Please!

Then we see Cersei brooding over a huge map of Westeros, glancing past her enemies spread far and wide. Or is that that she is now acknowledging greater threats like Night King (eek)!


Cersei’s words “Whatever stands in our way, we will defeat it,” (which btw sounds so badass coming from Lena Heady that we start liking her) are followed by the Lannister army marching.


And yes, all this happens in just the first 00:25 seconds of the video!

We then see an assembly of sorts where Jamie is seen standing next to Cersei, all grim and shit.


This could also be where (earlier speculated) Euron Greyjoy strikes a deal with the Queen of King’s Landing. An interesting bit to notice is that the star over the throne is now replaced by the Lion of Lannister.

From this…


To this…


Well played Cersei, well played with all those reforms and all!

Now, Cersei seems to mouth words like, “we’re the last Lannisters… the last who count,” and suddenly we see (audience uproar) TYRION starboy LANNISTER! *drum rolls*

giphy-downsized (2)

While he walks towards a cliff — which btw looks like Dragonstone since he’d follow Khaleesi and Dragonstone is where Khaleesi is at — Tyrion once again proves Cersei wrong.

That they’re not the only Lannisters left and certainly not the only ones who count. Well, not anymore.

Respite from Cersei’s voice as we now hear saying that she was born to rule the seven kingdoms. And we, for one, sure as hell want that! Go DANY!


Dany gets her share of royalty in Westeros as she seats herself on the throne in Dragonstone and it looks fair dinkum.


Also, remember, Dragonstone is the east of King’s Landing. The spot where Cersei is expecting an attack from. And her suspicion comes true when…


The Unsullied attack the Lannisters

… this happens. The Attack of the Unsullied showing Lannisters who’s the bawse around here!

Cut to the scene that got peeps at the edge of their seats because in comes

Jon Snow!!

And as usual, all grim and tensed (we wonder why?). Is it the White Walkers that bother the King in the North, or the turmoils in Westeros, or both? Hmm… speculation speculation!

Some madass Dothraki action


Ships bursting… and grim faces (like that of Ser Davos) makes you vouch for one thing for sure, this is gonna be one hella season, as usual.

An upgraded Mountain

giphy-downsized (4)

Some Yara and Ellaria Sand kissing which shows that Game Of Thrones hasn’t gone easy on the intimacy this time around as well.

And last but not the least, this lunacy-inducing scene that makes us tear down the calendar because the wait is just too much!

Oh, those dragon! Goddamn, those Dragons!

giphy-downsized (5)

Game of Thrones, come on already!!