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Gamer’s guidebook to a good life

Avast ye, scallywags! Tough waters lie ahead and our booty seems to be shaded by the evils of the seas. Mind ye, ye’ve got no choice but to blow them men down. For dead men they tell no tale.

Well, not really an adventure of Blackbeard magnitude, but a gamer’s life is adventurous, fair dinkum. But just when you sit down before your set with the console in your palms and tuning into the world of escapism that solely belongs to you, you are jolted to reality by your mum who is complaining that you’ve been playing since morning and that Calculus will help me get a college and not Destiny or Uncharted or God of War.


In our defence however, we would always say that gaming is beneficial and that it builds one’s navigational skills and hand-to-eye coordination. But now, that’s starting to sound like a verbatim, doesn’t it?

The way games have been accepted and evolved have sure come a long way since 1970s when something resembling Pong drove nerds insane. Now, gaming is a universe in itself, the advantages of which expand infinitely.

  1. Brings in steadiness
    So the next time your non-gaming counterpart accuses you of being a worthless little piece of flesh and bone, unproductive to the core and yada yada yada, tell him (or her) to perform any task that requires steadiness of hands. It has been observed that chaps who spend an average of three-four hours gaming enjoy 32% more dextrous hands than the rest. So one could argue that gaming is, in reality, giving you better surgeons, eh?

  2. Brings down those bad habits
    So for those who think that being addicted to gaming was a bad thing should make a note that there could be worse. There’s drugs and cigarettes and bong and hookah and alcohol and meth and so many more things that could spiral us down to the void of total destruction. But here we are, alive and kicking, upset because Nate could not get past the wave of shooter hell bent to kill him. You go, Nate, you go!

  3. Builds your perceptive powers and reflexes
    Now there you are, strolling past the meadows, harmless as one may seem. Bham! A bunch of yetis pounced on you and you are standing alone with a gun that needs to be reloaded after two gunshots. Make way guys. Abort abort abort! We need to get out of here! I friggin’ need ammo! Anybody got health in here? But somehow, you still manage to get through that disaster with barely a few scratches and trample over yeti skulls, menacing but dead. When a real life situation comes by, we now know who can deal with the fastest. After all, what would be worse than an arctic Yeti?

    Now that guy’s a gamer for sure

    Now that guy’s a gamer for sure

  4. Helps one deal with stress
    Yeah, you had THAT day! That day when the cop made you pull over because you barely sped over 60 mph and that’s unfair because the guy next to your lane zoomed past at a good 75. Then you’re late for your meeting. That scum-rat shuts the elevator just as you ran for it so now you’ll have to scale 14 floors by stairs. And best is, your meeting sucked. Yeah, we all get that sometime. But instead of popping in anti-depressant pills and snorting funny things to get the misery out of your head how would you feel to hit zombies who walked into your lawn. Folks got no regard for lawn maintenance whatsoever, do they? So you raze them like meat on barbeque. And that is oddly satisfying.

    Die all you mooottthherrrffuckerrrrs DIE!!!

    Die all you mooottthherrrffuckerrrrs DIE!!!

  5. Gets you well versed with history
    A lot of people (the elders specifically) would not agree to this. They will outright shun this as gibberish. But to their disdain, it is true. Being an ardent gamer, I have learnt a fair bit of things from games. This is majorly because a lot of games are based on historic events like the World War or the era of pirates, etc. I, for one, bothered to read up on a lot of things myself because the terms I came across while gaming enticed my interests and I thought I should know more to play better and then it’s just spiralling down wikipedia.

    So that’s how they battled back in the day

    So that’s how they battled back in the day


With a variety of reasons to present the next time someone accuses you of being good-for-nothing, you can now defend yourself better against unimaginative people.

In the end, there exist just two sects: gamers and losers.