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7 Styles That Will Rock 2017

There are various trends that rocked the end of 2016 and the start of 2017. These trends have become more stylized than the previous years.

There are various men who like to groom themselves these days and try to look much more appealing.

Men’s fashion industry is also experimenting with a lot of new trends. Like women, even men have a lot of options to choose from.



Here is a holistic view of men’s styles:




  1. Office Meeting

Look dapper yet classy with this style. This is perfect for the for office wear with a touch of elegance and a look that will surely make the heads turn.


  1. Work Your Magic With All Black


Black is the best for any occasion. Black is a colour which is liked my people all over the world. There are many combinations which can be done with black. Wearing black with a proper pair of bottoms makes for a food combination. The man in the picture has pulled it off with a good sense of style.


  1. Casual Everyday Look


Pull off this simple yet eye-catchy look. A black jeans and white t-shirt are perfect to keep the warm weather at bay. Pair this with a pair of tanned leather shoes and you are ready for the casual meeting at the cafe with your client.

  1. Make The Best With Blue & Grey


This is probably trending the charts recently. This combination is something that works wonders when dressed in a proper way. They look elegant, stylish and will surely work for many occasions.  


  1. Semi-Formal


Make heads turn with this style as it is a combination of casual and formal. This will be perfect for a Sunday brunch with your partner.


  1. Dapper Look


If you like this look that all pop singers are sporting these days then, this is the right option for you. This look is for teenage to young adults. These will be good to sport in a club or a party.



  1. Holiday Look


So, you are out on your vacation and wanna sport casual clothes. Here is the best option for men. A blue shorts and a pair of white sneakers will work best.




These are the 7 looks can change your style within seconds and make you appear smart from the rest of the crowd.