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Is it safe to buy that ring online for your valentine?


On the V-day approaching, a lot of us are weighing our gifting options considering both, the likes and the budget. However, owing to our busy schedules, most of us do not have much time to take a tour of the multiple shops at the mall. Rather, order for something online which would save both, time and energy. However, when jewellery is your choice, you usually get vary of buying online.


India is a nation where we buy jewellery from a trusted jeweller, one whom your father and grandfather bought jewellery from. Nowadays, this long-existing perception has been changing. Today, one may opt to order everyday wear like a pendant or a ring, online. Moreover, online jewellery websites offer a wider palette of designs and competitive pricing. It may surprise you to know that the online jewellery market was valued at $50 billion and has been forecasted to grow fourfold in the decades.


Wanna buy it online? Read these non-negotiable rules when ordering all that glitters for your love online…


  1. Certification




There should grading reports by GIA, etc. should be available with the seller to prove the authenticity of the jewels used by him. He should provide thorough lab reports of quality and condition along with several images to back them up. Product specifications should be provided to the customer.


2) Trust


Do your homework well about the seller. Make sure that the seller is a part of the jewellery industry for a few years now. The company should be registered with organisations such as the Better Business Bureau. The shipping and insurance process should be reviewed on the website before placing any orders. You must be able to talk to the seller directly to build get a reassurance. Sometimes, you may find a different price tag for a jewellery piece with similar specifications on two different websites, you need not worry under such circumstances if the sellers have strong roots in the industry. It may have happened due to overhead costs.


3) Refund Policy



Incase, the piece of jewellery delivered to you does not match the description provided on the website the, you need to return the product. Therefore, you must check the refund policy given on the website. There may be a case where the necklace may not match your expectations after wearing it or the colour of a gemstone may look different in person when compared to that displayed on the website, this may the product to be returned. Usually, most trusted online websites provide a 30-day refund policy.


So is it safe to buy jewellery online for your valentine? I would say yes! If you do your research correctly, there’s no way you get your hands on a fake diamond or cheap gold.